Parenting by Two Male Actors

In today’s modern world, parenting by two people of the same gender has gotten both its raves and criticisms, whether the reasons pertain to religion, ethics, legal or morals. Whatever the peeves are for many in this small world we live in, acceptance is both easy and difficult.

Take Neil Patrick Harris as an example. The celebrity and popular actor, whose main role in Doogie Howser M.D. propelled him to American entertainment stardom, came out of the “closet” and made public his long relationship with David Burtka in People magazine, admitting that he has always been openly gay but saying that people have never chastised his decision and have been happy living that kind of life. Harris and Burtka even publicly attended the 2007 Emmy Awards night where he was nominated for his role in the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.”

In 2008, Harris and Burtka performed at a Broadway musical “Take Me or Leave Me,” a gender-bending concert of show tune favorties benefiting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in New York. According to, “Burkta is already a father to twins from a previous relationship, and Harris counts himself as “the fun guy who takes them to Disneyland” and a stepfather figure to the two.”

But, in our still conservative world of Philippine parenting, going out in the open to say you’re raising kids between two gay parents is still something that’s kept inside the home. The call center industry opened the floodgates for gay and lesbians to come out in the open and publicly announce their gender preference without being humiliated. But these are the young ones who, maybe, will be tomorrow’s dads and moms, combined. It may not be “bad parenting” but it will sure be a challenge to raise kids from “husband and wife” parents where they are now exposed to both the traditional sense of marriage and parenting and the new wave of gay parenting.

In some schools, there are children whose single-parent are openly gay and without the convenience of a spouse. I still have not witnessed or heard two gay parents in Philippine schools but someday, as we inherrently follow American way of life, it is very possible to happen.

Sources: Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, PlanetOut, Just Jared

Share your views and stories, especially our Filipino parents who live in a more liberally-minded world like North. America.


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