National Bookstore’s Project Aral for Ondoy Victims

Purchase 20 or 25 Peso “Study Kits,” put your name on the tag and drop them in the boxes provided in National Bookstore branches. Runs from October 10 up to 24, 2009. But, it’s not the price that’s interesting — it’s the promo that now allows your kids or young children to do their part in the adult world of volunteering, charity and donating.

Here’s something National Bookstore is giving parents of young kids to feel proud that they can literally help the victims of typhoon Ondoy. You can tell them that you’re going to remove 20 or 25 Pesos (or more, if possible) from their allowance or a little portion of their coming birthday or Christmas gift. Give them the money, bring them to any National Bookstore branch and have them pick out the study kits, paying the money they are holding to the cashier. Let them write down their name on the tag and point them where they could drop these kits.