Antique Barangays Practicing Responsible Parenting

There are already 503 barangays in Antique that have Responsible Parenting Movement (PRM) Teams and that the head of the Provincial Population Office, Primo Ogatis, have already conducted 525 RPM-NFP classes and had trained 7,595 couples. PRM aims to help couples and parents exercise responsible parenting and to reduce infant, child and maternal mortality.

In addition, Ogatis bared that his office also reached out to the young Antiquenos and conducted orientation on Adolescent Health and Youth Development Program (AHYDP). Through this, they are able to help the youth to exercise responsible sexuality, thereby reducing the incidence of teenage pregnancies, early marriages, sexually transmitted infections and other psycho-social concerns.

Source: Philippine Information Agency

Parents who are obsessively clean freaks can also be bad for kids

Obsessive parents who insist on keeping their children super clean could be damaging their hearts, scientists have claimed.

According to a new study the old adage ‘a little bit of dirt never hurt anyone’ could hold true.

And the current trend for the use of anti-bacterial gels, exacerbated by swine flu, could lead to heart disease in later life.

Scientists have conducted the first study of its kind that looks at the link between exposure to infectious microbes in early life and the risk of heart disease.

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Making the Holidays Less Materialistic

“The gimmes” are all around us during the holiday season. It can be hard for kids”and parents”to look beyond all of the product-driven hoopla and remember what the holidays are really about.

It’s not the gifts but what’s behind them that’s important “the spirit of giving. Help your kids learn the fun of giving, and how rewarding it can be to look for, make, and wrap something special “or do something special “for people they care about and others who are in need.

Here are five ways to curb materialism in your kids and reinforce the real reason for the season.

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