Pope Francis Celebrates Joy of Family Life

Pope Francis addressed 100,000 people at St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican last October 26, 2013 during the Year of Faith celebration of family life. “A Catholic wedding is not simply a beautiful ceremony; through the sacrament of marriage a couple receives from God the grace they will need to fulfill their mission in the world,” Pope Francis said.

Catholic-San Francisco wrote that vowing to love one another in sickness and health, joy and sorrow all the days of their lives, Catholic couples put their lives in the hands of God and rely on him for strength.

The faithful who attended the celebration, from children to grandparents, were invited by Pope Francis to speak to him and the crowd, to share the story of their family lives. “The sacraments are not decorations in life; the sacrament of marriage is not just a pretty ceremony. Christians celebrate the sacrament of marriage because they know they need it,” added Pope Francis.

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Colin Farrell Is Just Crazy About His Sons

Colin Farrell with his son James

Celebrity dad Colin Farrell has been opening up recently in interviews about his 7-year-old son, who has Angelman syndrome, and how he has a new respect for finding balance between his film career and family life.

After going to rehab in 2005 and putting an end to his partying days, Colin now has quit smoking, works out and puts his focus on his two sons. The Fright Night star’s sons, James, 7, and Henry, almost 2, are from separate relationships, but both live in L.A. where Colin does. James has Angelman syndrome, a neuro-developmental disorder. He started walking at the age of four and cannot speak, but Colin is “crazy” about him.

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