Before and After Parenting – What’s Your Story?

I was having fun reading the article posted by Toni Fitzgerald of The Sentinel about her life before she became a parent and after. The nice thing about her literary piece was how it was personalized, simplified, and even funny to compare each particular topic, like:

Before: Regularly used four-letter words.
After: Stopped using four-letter words after son used one during dinner and told the entire table that he learned it from mommy.

Probabaly the two best I read was:

Before: Spent extra money on clothes and shoes.
After: What is “extra money?”


Before: Considered the bathroom a private place.
After: Ha. Hahahahahaha.

You can read Toni’s article from the link below. But, why not share your “Before” and “After” experiences?

Source: The Sentinel.